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In July 1971, in a small but beautiful village near Ganaur (in northern India) close to the holy banks of Yamuna River, a baby boy was born. The first sound coming out of his mouth was "OM". He came into this world not crying, but with a beaming smile on his face as if prophesying the joy and bliss he was to bring to the world. Local Astrologer Sri Chhajjuram Brahmachari told his parents that he would be a saint not a householder and would renounce worldly attachments at the age of 17.

At an early age, Guruji immersed himself in intense spiritual practice. By the age of four, he had already begun composing devotional prayers laden with deep mystical insight. Even as a small child Guruji was often found to be absorbed in a deep meditative state. At the age of seven, Guruji searched and found his guru, Shringi Rishi who answered various spiritual questions raised by Guruji as he was growing up. Guruji’s name was changed from Omdev to Maharishi Om after he entered Gurukulam (ancient spiritual education system) after performing Yagya ceremony.

 At a tender age of nine years, Guruji started to perform sacred Homas (fire rituals) in the forest or in remote farm areas or on the banks of Yamuna River, often going into the state of  Smadhi(deep bliss) even without taking water or eating anything for days. By the time Guruji turned eleven years, people started flocking to him after hearing of his many healing miracles in and around his village. Guruji often healed people through prayers or natural herbs. Many businessmen, politicians and government officials as wel as Sadhus (saints) and Yogis started visiting him to get his advice in their spiritual practices. Many distressed, sick, and elderly people used to visit Him and seek his help and blessings with their problems of life.

One of Guruji’s acquaintances is medical Dr. Chain Singh, who was also from Ganaur and is a great devotee of Mother Divine. Dr. Chain Singh is a professional singer of Bhajans as well. Guruji was 11years of age When Dr. Chain Singh took Guruji to go to Delhi, Haridwar, Rishikesh and to meet with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of TM. Upon hearing Guruji’s  name Omdev, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi felt very happy, hugged him, started giggling like a child and repeated the sacred chant Om many times.

When Guruji turned seventeen, Shringi Rishi indicated his wish to conduct a rite of passage for him to impart ancient Sacred Wisdom and also to instruct him to begin his mission of uplifting humanity. To facilitate this event, Guruji organized a massive event for conducting sacred fire prayer (Homa). Shringi Rishi performed the Homa and delivered sermons for two days in a public gathering of more than five thousand people and during these two days food was served to all as part of Annadanam. It was at this auspicious time that Guruji received Shringi Rishi’s blessings and Shringi Rishi said to Guruji “You are now Paramahamsa (Self realized). Renounce your home and start your spiritual journey everywhere in the country and in the world.” Three weeks later, Guruji left his family to start his spiritual quest. For a period of two years Guruji did meditation and met with many  Divine Souls,Yogi's ,Babaji,Shiddha's,Saints, while traveling in Himalayas observing fasting and keeping silence. During this period Guruji travelled to Himalayas, Kashmir, Vaishnodevi, Amarnath, Gomukh, Tapovan, Gangothri, Yamunothri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath.

Guruji, known today as Maharishi Om. Guruji has inspired and started numerous meditation, yoga and humanitarian services such as the International Rejuvenation Yoga Institute ROHTAK, India, teaching yoga meditation and natural cure methods. Guruji has earned international recognition from many organizations for his outstanding contributions to the world community. Guruji is recognized as an extraordinary spiritual leader by the famous saint of Himalaya’s Swami Rama Krishna Das in Chitrakoot. The Art Institute of Chicago recognized his service and contribution to yoga and meditation. Although Maharishi Om makes no claims of his greatness, those who have been blessed by his presence know that he is the sincerest example of his teaching. His disciples and believers take in his teachings by being with him.

Guruji Maharishi Om has dedicated his life to the uplifting of suffering of humanity through many gestures – such as showering motherly love, embracing those who come in his contact and meditating to uplift the collective consciousness. Guruji has blessed many by merely putting his hand on their foreheads. Just as Guruji Om received divine powers from his guru, Guruji mirrors this blessing to those who he encounters.  In its true form, this is the simplest way seekers can receive blessings and start to experience the real truth and bliss that is within them.

When someone asked Guruji why he receives every person who comes to him in a loving embrace, Guruji replied, “I see everyone who comes to see me as a wave arising out of and merging back into the same ocean”. We are all part of Same Ocean.
Guruji Maharishi OM spends most of his waking hours receiving the distressed and all who come to him for comfort, day after day without a break. He runs a spiritual center in Chicago and an ashram in the Himalayas at Haridwar, India.

Medical Dr. Satish Tyagi, while presenting Guruji Maharishi OM with the 1997 Yogi- Award for Non-violence, said: "He stands here in front of us. God's love in a human form."

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti  OM

Sreeni Challa




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